Email Marketing

Why do I need it?

Email marketing provides a direct and effective way to stay in touch with people who want to hear from you. Strategic use of it can strengthen your relationships and net big benefits in terms of staying top-of-mind with your clients.

Is it hard to do?

Creating and changing your email campaigns requires minimal effort and is super easy to boot. And you can choose to automatically generate emails when you create Special Events, which means generating content is a snap!

How do people join my email newsletter?

They can sign up right from your website, and when someone purchases an Instant Gift Certificate or uses Online Booking, they're given option of subscribing to your email newsletter. 

How can I encourage more signups?

Offer something in return! You can use Email Signup Offers, and automatically send a gift certificate for whatever you desire (10% off your next visit, $10 off, etc.) to your client, whether they sign up on your website or at the front desk. Not only do you build your list, but it encourages an additional visit.

How do I get my existing email list in?

Boom360 has a great import feature for pulling in your address book from popular programs like Outlook and Constant Contact.

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