Group Deals

BoomTime Deals are group deals that you control: an intelligent alternative to Groupon-like sites that charge 50% commissions while promoting you to discount seekers that have a low conversion rate to long-term customers. And, BoomTime Deals cost 94% less than Groupon.

Use the Deal Calculator to compare a BoomTime Deal vs. Groupon, and see if group deals makes sense for you.

BoomTime Deals create a sense of urgency with a limited time offer, which encourages customers to share the deal with their friends, because they only get the deal if a certain number of people purchase, causing the deal to "tip". 

Boom360 is an integrated suite of marketing features to create the deal, broadcast your message and motivate clients to act quickly. Each marketing feature works in concert to create an intelligent deal that makes business sense for you. With Boom360, you can:

  • Schedule and send email marketing.
  • Plan and automate social media posts.
  • Update website content and activate your BoomTime Deals.
  • Create user-friendly consumer transactions like Instant Gift Certificates, birthday and anniversary promotions and appointment requests.
  • Measure the impact of your online marketing using Boom360 reports.

How do we deliver the deal?

Boom360's integrated email marketing, website content manager and social media integration broadcasts the deal to your prospects, customers and their friends.

The Boom360 marketing suite gives you the power to plan, schedule and send, custom email campaigns.

Who Does the Deal Go To?

BoomTime Deals motivates your clients to try new services and encourages them to have friends and family act on the deal. Friends and family of existing customers are the best targets for expanding your customer base. Want to get those infrequent clients to use your services more often? A BoomTime deal is the perfect motivation to try something new at a great price and encourage friends to buy the deal so it tips.

  • Exclusive BoomTime Deals motivate existing clients to come in more often throughout the year.
  • Existing clients on your email list are your best source of new target customers including their friends/family/co-workers.
  • Boom360 social media integration drives action by spreading the deal to new target clients.
  • Group deal sites like Groupon will happily send out your deal today, but tomorrow they will send your competitors' offer to the very same list of customers. This is not the way to bring your business long-term, loyal customers.

How do we encourage recipients to send the offer to friends/family/co-workers?

You have the power to set the minimum number of sales to activate the Deal. That means recipients have an incentive to share the deal with their social group via social media. Boom360ís integrated Social Media feature makes sharing your deal so easy; they just click and share it.

The BoomTime Deal social media feature seamlessly integrates all Facebook and Twitter; they can be scheduled and will automatically post whenever you desire.

Boom360ís social media feature also automatically promotes your everyday events and specials on your website. Facebook and Twitter can be scheduled and will post all your events and specials from your website.

Who Controls the BoomTime Deal offer?

You have complete deal control. You set the price, control the margin and determine the minimum and maximum number that are sold. Your deal drives traffic to your website where you can control the brand message.

How Do I receive Revenue from the deal?

Each purchase of a BoomTime Deal generates instant revenue for your business. You will keep 97% of the purchase value for Deals less credit card fees.

In addition, Boom360ís Instant Gift Certificates allow you to sell branded Instant Gift Certificates for your services 24/7 right from your website. It offers customers convenience and makes your business a last minute gift-giving solution. That means more revenue and customers for your business.

What if my website is out-of-date?

Boom360 can build a beautiful, cost effective Dynamic Website or integrate with your existing site. Boom360 is not just about deals: it offers a comprehensive set of online tools you can use to promote your business effectively. Dynamic Websites are simple to update so your site stays fresh and professional.

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