Social Media Marketing

Why do I need social media marketing?

Because your clients and prospective clients are online!

  • 97% of consumers now use online media when researching local products
  • 58% report using an online promotion when shopping for local products or services 
  • 19% made an appointment online in the past 6 months for a service other than a restaurant reservation

What is it?

Social media marketing creates exposure, awareness and motivation to share an experience in a wider community circle than what we can do individually or through other types of marketing. Facebook and Twitter take an experience, promotion or special and enable it to be shared at a personal level with a wide array of community members.

What if I just don't have the time to initiate my social media presence? And maintain it?

No worries, because with Boom360 your social media marketing is an automatic, natural part of your marketing efforts. Enter a special to highlight on your website, and it is automatically posted on Facebook and Twitter. Write a new blog post, and it's automatically turned into a social media post.

Can I do specials just for my followers?

Yes! With Boom360, it's easy to create a special that just goes out to Facebook and Twitter. This is an excellent way to build your online following.

How do I use viral marketing?

By creating specials, promotions and content that your clients and followers find interesting. With Boom360, your specials, announcements and blog posts all have Facebook Share buttons, making it easy for your audience to share with their friends. And, gift certificate recipients can share with all their friends how happy they are that they get to go to your spa!

The average Facebook user has 150 friends, so this is excellent exposure for your business. 

Can I schedule my postings? 

Absolutely! It's challenging to remember to make regular social media posts, and with Boom360, you don't have to! Review the automatically generated posts and add more any time, scheduled whenever you like. 

What about text messaging? 

Include specials via text message just as easy as your Facebook and Twitter posts. Send text-only specials to drive business on a slow day or to fill last-minute openings.

You know you need to do it. Let us show you how.

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