Online Marketing

Boom360 streamlines your online marketing affordably and effectively, through one login. One. You save time, money, and reach further into the online universe than ever before.

Your Boom360 website serves as a foundation for your online marketing that will help generate traffic to your website and your business, build and nurture relationships with your customers, and establish a strong social media following.

Who knew managing online marketing could be so easy?

Your Marketing Foundation: A Dynamic Website

Your website's first role is to be easily found, and to then tell your visitors what they need to know: who you are, what you do, where you are, how to contact you and why you do what you do. Boom360 websites do all that, and serve as your single login to your entire online marketing management.

Content automatically updates, marketing campaigns are a breeze to generate in less than 5 minutes, and you can easily make, and keep, friends, fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Email Marketing

As a component of online marketing, strategic email campaigns reign supreme. Boom360 makes creating and distributing email campaigns a breeze.

We help you set up your campaigns, which then launch to whom you want, when you want. Your emails are branded with your logo, contain your contact info, and provide a great way for you to build relationships while you promote your business.

All emails have a link to your Instant Gift Certificates page, so if you sell your services, you'll capture buyers right from your emails!

Special Events

Automatically update your website content while you keep your visitors happy and stay fresh for search engines. Special Events allow you to create timed specials, events, happenings, or announcements, and can be included in all of your Email campaigns that launch at pre-defined times.

Special Events also trigger social media posts and texts, so create a special, then watch an automatic Facebook and Twitter update happen and texts fly - automatically.

Social Media Marketing

Now more than ever Facebook and Twitter play a key role in your online marketing mix. Boom360 automatically generates social media posts with your Email Marketing and Special Events, so you stay in frequent touch with your social media base.


Include specials via text message just as easily as automatically generating your Facebook and Twitter posts. Send text-only specials to drive business on a slow day or to fill last-minute openings.

BoomTime Deals

Drive new clientele to your business by running your own group deals, which creates a sense of urgency and encourages viral sharing. Get all the benefits of Groupon with 94% savings!

Sweepstakes on Facebook

Completely automatic Sweepstakes make it easy to grow your fan base on Facebook. Viral marketing gets your brand in front of the friends of your existing clients. And what better prospective clients, than the friends of your current clients?

Client Retention Programs

Appreciate your customers and they'll return to you again and again. Boom360's automatic marketing campaigns and birthday/anniversary programs keep you top-of-mind with your audience, so next time they're looking for what you've got? They'll buy it.

Instant Gift Certificates

Online is where your shoppers are at, 24/7, and meeting them where they shop means you'll enjoy revenue you never knew you were missing. Selling online, with your brand prominently positioned, means you can do what you do best while your website works to generate business.

Gift buyers simply choose a design, personalize, purchase using a credit card, then either email or print, right at time of purchase.

Online Booking

Consumers have come to expect businesses to accommodate their needs online. What does that mean to you? They're looking to book services, reservations, air travel - you name it, preferably on your website. Boom360 gives you an elegant and easy way to do just that!

Marketing POP

Showing people who you are and what you do is easy with Boom360's POP, and printing out your POP is effortless.

You know you need to do it. Let us show you how.

We help 4,000 local & independent businesses increase their revenues. Our U.S.-based support and account management teams are just a phone call away world class marketing consultation and customer support is included in your Boom360 subscription!

Get the boom working for you!

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